Miss tape: postcards from Australia por Beatrix G.
Por Beatrix G. de Velasco @
02 de abril, 2017


Beatrix G. De Velasco



  1. Nice day to go to the pubCosmic pyschos
  2. Devil insideINXS
  3. Jesus of the moonNick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  4. Love lostTemper Trap
  5. Black sunDead Can Dance
  6. I can feel that you don’t love meKingwood
  7. Alter egoTame Impala
  8. MetropolisThe Church
  9. Great southern landIcehouse
  10. CompanyPepa Knight
  11. FoolishAlpine
  12. First and last and alwaysFoetus
  13. Don’t dream it’s over Crowded House
  14. The weeping songNick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  15. DissapointedThe Church
  16. OpiumDead Can Dance
  17. Ganggajang / Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)Alan Vega
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Beatrix G. de Velasco