Miss tape: Girls like us por Dana C.
Por Lado B @ladobemx
19 de febrero, 2017


Dana Campos

Only women different times…


  1. C´hantalThe Realm (Acapella)
  2. Romeo Void Never say never
  3. Blondie One way or another
  4. SugarcubesHit
  5. BlondieAtomic
  6. Siouxie and the BansheesCities in dust
  7. Planet Soul Set you free
  8. B15 Project Girls like us
  9. Deep DishFlash Dance
  10. The Age of LoveCome on dance with me (jam and spoon mix)
  11. AyriaBe me
  12. Linea Aspera Fer-de-lance
  13. Crystal Castle ft. Robert SmithNot in love
  14. The Ting Tings That´s not my name
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